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Diligence, courage and entrepreneurial spirit.

A tale of growth and development.

More than 65 years of KUGEL Edelstahlverarbeitung

  • 2020 Sucessful expansion of the management system with the IRIS certification
  • 2018 Expansion of the production site for pathology and laboratory equipment
  • 2016 Transformation from renowned fabricator to industrial producer
  • 2012 BLANCO Professional (today B.PRO) takes over KUGEL Edelstahlverarbeitung
  • 2010 New development of products in the field of medical technology
  • 2009 Complete modernisation of machine pool
  • 2008 Expansion of our development expertise for high-quality industrial parts
  • 2007 Introduction into the area of stainless-steel-based machine cladding
  • 2001 Development and production of KUGEL rail and vehicle technology
  • 1997 Development and production of KUGEL commercial kitchen technology
  • 1996 Development and production of stainless-steel-based industrial parts
  • 1995 Foundation of KUGEL medical technology
  • 1981 Foundation of KUGEL deep-drawing technology 
  • 1969 Development and production of KUGEL serving counter systems
  • 1954 Company founded by Siegfried Kugel to manufacture heating, sanitary and ventilation systems